Third Party Software Development

We are all in one offshore Software Development partner toeffectively manage third party software development integrations.

Third Party Software Development

Integrating LMS with other software and third-party apps can enhance its power, functionality, and value. Yatharthriti builds a powerful LMS application with third-party software integration that makes learning fun, efficient, and easily accessible.

We can safely integrate your LMS with useful and highly functional third-party apps, like payment systems, attendance management system, student management, grade management, etc. Our expert team’s top-notch software development skills and knowledge of industry-leading LMS development are the assurance of your LMS’s seamless and smooth performance.

LMS integrations with third-party software act as the connector, and make internal data communication smooth, easier, and better. Yatharthriti provides LMS integration with any platform, CRM system, and third-party software applications you need for your specific training programs or courses.

Why Choose Us?

Below are a few ways that integrate third-party software applications, content, and services within LMS:
  • API integration: It allows users to retrieve information such as roster data, lessons, quizzes, assignments, etc. within LMS.
  • Single sign-on: We provide a single sign-on method to log in users into the third-party applications by authenticating through their LMS credentials.
  • Enhanced reporting: When you integrate your LMS with other applications you use, you will gain total visibility of the training information, and also the ability to relate this data to the performance outcome.

Most LMSs come equipped with a myriad of integrations, but there are a few core ones that you should pay close attention to, such as content management, API, payment gateways, team management, etc.Want more insights on third-party software integration within LMS? Get in touch with our expert team!

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