LMS Responsiveness

We deliver right responsive LMS that are the future of successful LMS.

LMS Responsiveness

Learners today are constantly on the move, and they are consistently using their smart devices for work and play. The widespread usage of smart devices and the technology adaptations have revolutionized the learning practices in the education sector too.

In light of the expectations of learners to make the learning easy, convenient, and readily available at any given time, we provide responsive LMS solutions. This aspect gives users the ability to view the e-Learning courses from multiple devices like laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. without any content loss while ensuring the accuracy and consistency of information at the same time.

Our talented team of LMS developers has an understanding of making all the learning courses responsive. Additionally, our responsive LMS has a very good graphical user interface for the learners to interact well. Responsive LMS means that the same course content is accessible across multiple devices and resizes them to fit a particular device’s dimensions. This assures an optimal viewing and learning experience for the learners.

Why Choose Us?

Key features which make LMS responsive:
  • Accessible for multiple devices: We design and develop the best LMS courses that work on all devices with utmost precision. We develop rapid eBooks, videos, and eLearning content that are short and engaging.
  • Conversion of the existing content: We can also convert your existing content into responsive eLearning content.
  • Multi-platform delivery: We create courses in LMS that are suitable for all the operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. to meet your specific requirements.
  • Reporting and tracking of the learner’s progress: LMS responsiveness helps the administrators to generate detailed reports of the learner’s progress timely.

We also offer constant support in real-time to our clients and help them in planning the multi-device solutions based on the types of courses and learners’ requirements. Yatharthriti delivers the responsive LMS with all features and functionalities to spark the learner’s engagement.

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